Thursday, February 21, 2019

Never a Dull Moment

This is my oldest. She is 3 going on 30. She'll be 4 next month, but when you ask her how old she'll be next, she says "four then five". I get the impression she would skip four if she could. She absolutely loves to help. In this picture she was helping me make spaghetti and set the table. She is our debate child... As in there has to be a debate about everything she has been told. She has recently started to pick up her baby sister, who is a little big for her to pick up, and she like to "help" the baby get on the couch. The same couch that the baby likes to fall off of, so that's always fun. However, when she's asked to keep an eye on the baby, and then she's specifically told not to pick up the baby, she is "the best baby watcher"  as she calls herself.

This is our middle child. He is two. He loves dinosaurs  truck, and building things. He will play with those waffle blocks or legos for ever if he's left alone. He is our cuddler. He loves to sit with one of us and he randomly stops and says "I love you so much" to either me or his dad. We've recently hit hardcore potty training, and just yesterday when he kept dry underwear and went in the toilet he told me "mom, say 'I am so proud of you'." which I did, because I was. 

This is our baby. She's 10 months old,and has been walking for a month now. She's on the floor because... Well, either because the floor is cool to lay on or she just can't go on.. I don't really know. 

Well, there you you have it. Our life is never boring

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Time to Keep Silent and A Time to Speak

Most of y'all may know that my husband is an NRA certified concealed carry instructor. I just recently finished the training to get my own concealed carry permit, and when my husband gave me my certificate, he started to tell me where I needed to take it in order to apply for my permit. Then he said to just wait and he'd go with me in the next day or two.

In two other states that we've lived I've had a concealed carry permit, so I wasn't sure why I might need help here, but I didn't mind waiting. And then my husband gifted me with a Ruger .22 pistol that he bought. It's a great little gun and something I would be comfortable carrying in my purse. I was tickled pink, and since he bought it in February, I kind of considered it my Valentine's Day present. Yeah, we're romantic like that.

Here in Michigan you have to register your guns (we can get into gun rights in another blog post, k?) so in addition to going to the courthouse downtown to get my concealed carry permit, we also had to go to the county sheriff's office to register my pistol. Fortunately those two places are right next door to each other. At the sheriff's office, the clerk checked our forms and then asked a few questions. Each time my husband spoke up before I could give the answer. Since I didn't have my concealed carry permit number yet for the forms, the clerk suggested running a quick background check on me to satisfy the requirements. Once again my husband spoke up and gave permission before I could speak. I would have agreed anyway, but I was getting a little irritated at not being able to speak for myself.

I filled out the background check form and she ran it right there. The room was quiet as she scrolled
through the computer. Without looking away from the screen, she said, "Well everything looks pretty good. I see you've only killed one person."

Her comment caught everyone by surprise, including the two officers sitting at desks behind her. Finally able to speak for myself, I answered, "Well good because, believe me, I've been tempted a lot more than once." One of the cops grinned at my husband and said, "I guess it's a good thing you're still here."

When my gun was registered (and I hadn't been arrested for murder) we headed next door to the courthouse. We passed through the metal detector without a problem, but then were told they don't allow cellphones in the building. I handed my phone to my husband and told him to give me the papers and I'd wait for him while he ran our phones back to the truck. The security guard directed me around the corner to the department I needed, and as I walked in that direction I heard my husband ask the guard if he thought I could handle this myself.

Seriously? Since when did I become an idiot?! I headed on to Vital Records and asked for a concealed carry application. As I filled in the answers, my annoyance grew. The questions were things like, was I mentally impaired, was I a felon, was I a citizen, etc. Why did I need help filling this out? By the time my husband arrived, all out of breath from hurrying, I had finished applying, and was handing my debit card over to pay the fee. All done. All by myself.

We had to head back to the sheriff's office for me to be fingerprinted as the final step in my application. Who knew in the ten minutes between visits that I would once again be tempted to kill someone?

Monday, February 18, 2019

A Scary-o Scenario

With a title like that, one might think I was talking about my hair back like in this picture but I'm not.

It all started when I was around the age of 7 or 8. My sister and I had a sleepover at my aunt's house. It was very exciting, until dinner time arrived. I had high hopes that it would be something delicious, because she is a great cook. She prepared for us a nice warm bowl of Spaghetti O's. I immediately thought to myself I must have done something wrong. My fun evening took a quick turn for the worst. I had never had spaghetti O's and after one look at that bowl, I wasn't about to start.

My family wasn't the type to make something different just because I didn't like it or because I simply refused to eat it. I either ate what was made or I went without until the next meal. Then I hoped that the next meal that was made would be better than the one before. Only this time it was not as I just described.

I sat there for a long time with my aunt and uncle trying to pursuade me to eat these scary round objects. After, about 2 hours of sitting there the meal (if you call it that) was cold. I chose not to eat my food so my aunt told me it was ok and she let me get up from the table, i understood I wouldn't get anything else that night but was happy just to get up from the table.

My parents came early to get us the next day and I was relieved that I was going to get some food I liked! However, my aunt sent the Spaghetti O's home with us! I was tramautized by the fact that this experience wasnt over and the nasty O's were going to follow me home. 

Thankfully, my mom did not make me eat them and to this day, I still haven't eaten spaghetti O's. 

Did you have to eat your dinner if you didn't like it or did you  get something different? Have of you had a bad experience with food?

Friday, February 15, 2019

The Things They Say

It's always been said that if you want the truth, you should ask a child. My children are no exception. Especially my oldest. They are just full of "truth", and you never know what they will say. I've been keeping things written down lately.

  • When telling me about a show. "Mom, there was a unicorn. His name was unicorn, and he had a unicor..... a.... a.... well, a corn on his head."
  • "Mom, he doesn't need that toy because he has a MINILLINION!!" (That's million if you didn't catch it. 
  • "Mom, your belly is squishy. Do you got another baby in there?"  Thanks a lot, kid.
  • A visiting pastor asked my oldest "Are you a Diva?".  "No, that's not my name." He then told her, "I like your bracelet. You look like a million bucks."  She looked at him confused and said, "I'm not money." He replied, "but that's a compliment." She was almost hurt now and said, "I'm not a compliment, either." 
  • In learning a new language I occasionally try to talk with the kids and share the words we know. My son told me the other day, " Mom, stop. You don't know howa speak Pochageeze". They're just so brutally honest. 
  • The other day, one of my kids said, "I need a shower because I smell like poop". I asked why and they said "because I played with my poop".  Oh....dear.... 
  • We were making chocolate milk one morning and I was asked, "Mom, where did you put the cow sugar?" speaking of the chocolate powder.
  • My daughter had a tape measuring and was measuring my son's height. She looked at the tape measure and said, "wow, you are worth 20 reais!" . That's only like $5 after the exchange rate. 

And for your morning cuteness. 

They actually asked to match that day. 

so, what is the strangest thing you've heard this week??

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

It's My Turn for An Announcement!

Wow! Thanks to all of you who wished Kylee a happy birthday this week, either here on the blog or on the blog link on facebook. Kylee, Stephanie and I have talked before about the fact that birthday and anniversary posts seem to get a lot more traffic.

We've also noticed that people tend to click on the links more when Stephanie or Kylee happen to post a picture of their adorable children.

And really, who could blame them?

My kids don't have the same adorable cuteness, but we noticed that a certain percentage of the female population tends to click on the links more when I post pictures of my boys.

But I think we get the most responses when we have big announcements ... like ... additions to the family. Both Kylee and Stephanie have posted announcements before (maybe more than one. Those girls seem to have babies all the time!) but until now I've never been able to. So here goes--

We are so excited to announce the newest member of the Boyd family joining us in August of this year! This will be Paul and Shelby's first baby, and everyone is already lining up and choosing sides as to whether it's a boy or a girl. (We're currently 8-10).

Congratulations, Paul and Shelby! We're so happy for y'all! Comment with your vote below. Which do you think it will be, boy or girl?

Monday, February 11, 2019

Me, Myself, & I

It's my birthday week!  Yes I said week because when you're an adult you can make your birthday stretch as long as you want it too!

My birthday is actually Valentine's Day and because it's on the 14th, I'm going to share 14 random facts about me. I would have done my age but do you really want to know that much about me?

1. I get to share my birthday with my brother-in-law. Pretty cool, right? (Happy Birthday, Luke) 

2. When we started this blog my husband told me that I needed to take English classes because my grammar was so bad. 

3. I am allergic to peanuts and peanut butter!

4.  I have a serious love for shoes!

5. I never ate hamburgers until after I had my 3rd child.

6. One of my favorite colors is black.

7. I snort when I laugh.

8. My favorite number is 22.

9. I think about things and then I overthink them. 

10. I have never broken a bone. 

11. I have a a heart shaped freckle. 

12. My middle name is Ann.

13. I do not like cooking!

14. I love being a mommy!

 Aren't you glad I stopped there? 

Your turn, tell me something about yourself!

Friday, February 8, 2019

Have a Little Faith

Lately, in my devotion time, the topic of faith has popped out at me quite a bit.  I've been reading through Matthew, and there are so many times when people came to Jesus to be healed. His response was similar in many of those cases...

In Matthew 8, the Centurion came to Jesus to have his servant healed. He asked that Jesus heal his servant without even going to the centurion's house. He believed that if Jesus just spoke the words, that the servant would be healed. Jesus said in verse 10: "...I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel." and then in verse 12: "... Go thy way; and as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee."

In Matthew 9, the woman with the issue of blood believed that if she could just touch the hem of his garment, then she would be healed. Jesus said to her in verse 22: "...thy faith hath made thee whole.".

Then in the same chapter, two blind men came to him wanting to be healed. Jesus asked them in verse 28, "..Believe ye that I am able to do this?". When they answered yes, He told them in verse 29, "...According to your faith be it unto you.". 

In Matthew 15, a Canaanite woman asked Jesus to heal her daughter who was possessed with a devil. She was not an Israelite, and the Lord told her as much. She told the Lord that even the dogs (such as her a Canaanite)  eat the crumbs which fall from the master's table. In verse 28 Jesus said to her, "...O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.". 

Also, throughout the book of Matthew, Jesus rebukes his disciples with "O ye of little faith" and "wherefore didst thou doubt?". In chapter 17, He says "...If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you." 

A lot of times, we pray and ask for things, but do we really expect an answer? Do we really expect God to handle the situation or provide for the need?  I was reading in a devotional book, Delight Thyself Also in the Lord from Delight Thyself Ministries, about this very topic; and the author made a simple statement that hit me hard. "God will meet you at your expectation." 

So, where is your expectation??