Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Captain Underpants!

I realized that it has been awhile since I’ve written about this cutie. 

Last time I wrote about Olivia on my blog, I believe she had just turned one and was quite the cranky pants. Although some things remain the same, a lot has also changed in those five months. She no longer head butts the floor, and she no longer has a major temper (just a little one). She also has developed a pretty funny personality. She loves to give fist bumps, high fives, and kisses. 
However, over the past couple of weeks she has developed a strange obsession. I’ve seen previews for that TLC show about crazy obsessions. People are obsessed with things from Christmas decorations to the color pink to being an adult baby. Weird, right? Well, Olivia isn't that obsessed yet, and I refuse to let it go that far, but she  has become obsessed with underwear. Yes, that’s right. Underwear! Mostly, her sister’s underwear. 

She will randomly go to her room and pull out a handful and carry it around with her. She will sit and play with it or even try putting on a few pairs at once. If I have some clothes laid out for the girls, she will take the pair of underwear or pull out a pair from the clean laundry that I just pulled from the dryer. I really don’t know where this came from or why she really even likes them. Maybe it's just that they are soft and bright colored?

A few evenings ago she was pretty cranky so she went to her room and pulled out a few pairs of underwear and was holding them. It was almost comforting to her. I sat her next to me with her underwear while I folded some laundry. The next thing you know I looked over and she has fallen asleep with her pile of underwear tucked in beside her.

If she is that interested in underwear, maybe I should consider potty training? Potty training two girls at once. Am I crazy or efficient? Only time will tell. Either way, wish me luck!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Still Learning!

   I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that we are on deputation to be missionaries in Brazil. We've been on deputation for about a year and eight months. That time has had its ups and downs. We've laughed, we've cried, and we've learned.  I thought I'd share with you a list of ten or so things that deputation has changed about us or taught us.

Here we go!
  • I've learned that I'm not a very social person.... or so people think... 😉
    Most people that know me can verify this about me. In fact, I'm pretty sure my in-laws are still wondering what happened to the girl from the top picture. 
  • I've learned that there's something about ordering new prayer cards that makes you fertile. Don't believe me, just ask my mom. There are no prayer cards from when my family was on deputation that have all six of us kids. Every time we went to get new ones done, my mom would find out within the month that she was expecting again. Same thing happened with my husband and I. Before we even officially started deputation we got the prayer cards ordered, the banner with our picture, the presentation finished... and then we found out our little boy was on the way. And about a month and a half ago we ordered new prayer cards, then a few weeks later we found out baby #3 is on the way. 
  • I've learned that the only way to survive the long trips with sanity still intact is to embrace hearing the leap frog letter factory songs for the 50th time, maybe even sing along. 😜 Hey, she's learning, right? So I should be happy. 
  • I've learned that the neighbors in a hotel don't appreciate my kids energy level when we pull into a hotel at 11:00 at night. We may or may not have had a noise complaint called on us. I really try, I do, but if you had been in the car for ten hours, and slept for the last three then you would be ready to party at 11 p.m. too. 
  • I've changed in that I used to be the mom that wanted to keep her kids in the service all the time. Well, now I unashamedly say I'm sad when we get to a church and they don't have a nursery. Don't judge me. You moms on deputation who are stuck in a car all day every day and then you still keep them in services... You deserve a medal or something! 
  • I've also changed my expectations of what to accomplish when we are home for a week from travelling. It used to be that I wanted to scrub the house from top to bottom, in addition to all the laundry, unpacking, and repacking. I wanted to sort and organize everything that had been waiting for me, maybe even do a little cleaning out in the garage. Now my expectations and plans are a little lower. I have to do the laundry, unpacking, and repacking, but as for cleaning... as long as I leave the house so that I'm not coming back to the after effect of a tornado in my living room, I'm good with it. 
  • I've also learned that there are a lot more people out there who understand crazy toddlers than there are those who don't understand. Praise the Lord! 
  • I've learned that eating a little food off the floor or putting a pacifier or cup back in your mouth off the floor isn't going to kill your kids. Hmm, maybe that's the reason for the nastiness that has been my kids diapers this last week. Oh well, it builds the immune system, right?!?
  • Lastly, yes, lastly (I know, not ten. I did say "or so") I've learned that I don't always have time to sit and think of all ten "or so" things. 😂 And this is the reason you're only getting nine this morning. 
Have a happy Monday and a great week! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

What Do These Have in Common??

 I know, I know. This is not a typical post time. I have a good excuse for being late, but we'll get to that. So, before you rush off to your weekend, we're gonna play a game.

I'm going to list some things, and you have to figure out how they all go together. Don't worry, I won't keep you waiting too long. I'll tell you at the end, but STOP RIGHT THERE!! Don't you dare scroll to the end to find out. Play fair, guys!
  • September 15, October 16, November 16, December 18, January 18, February 19, March 19, April 2, April 16, April 25??
  • Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Watermelon??
  • Bob's Cheeseburgers??
  • Lack of Sleep??
  • Stopping almost every hour for a potty break during a long trip on deputation??
  • Hardcore potty training??
  • Necessary Clothes Shopping??
  • Ten sets of feet and ten sets of hands??

Have you figured it out yet??  If not, here's one more clue for you.

  We're excited to announce that there's another baby Gerwitz coming! Our little girl is so excited about the new baby in my belly and our little boy has no idea what he's smiling about. 😁

I'm sure most of the items are self explanatory now, but I do have to explain Bob's Cheeseburgers. That is the restaurant that we passed and I thought it was a funny name, so I start to say to my husband "That's original. Bob's Cheeseburg (BLAH)!" Apparently, new baby didn't even like the sound of it. And my reason for not posting this morning was because I was up late, then had an early doctor's appointment, then I came home and fell asleep. Now after finally catching up, I was ready to write. 

 So what do you guys think? Do my kids need a brother or a sister??

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Happy Fall Y'all!

I love this time of year:  the weather, the smells, the colors, but my favorite most of all is fall decorating! I love looking on Pinterest for new ideas for DIY projects. I came across a new craft not long ago. It’s so easy and super inexpensive! It’s not a craft you can quickly squeeze in during nap-time, however it’s the perfect project to keep you awake for that movie you have been dying to watch!

If you are not a crafty person, don’t worry! You will be able to do this too!

Today, I’m going to show you how to make a “rag wreath”.

What’s fun about this is you can really do these wreaths in any colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. 

What you will need:
wire wreath form (Walmart is the cheapest I found, so far!)
2 yards of fabric or 8 fat quarters ($.97 at Walmart)

Start by laying out your material. I like to fold over the material or put two fat quarters on top of each other. If you are cutting strips instead of tearing strips, this saves a lot of time. (Both ways work!)

First, you will want to cut long strips that are about one inch wide. Then, cut each long strip in half or in thirds. I have always cut them in thirds. 

Begin your wreath by tying these strips onto the wire wreath form!

Tie the first strip onto the two “outer” wires of the wreath. Tie the second strip to the two “middle” wires and the third strip to the two “inner” wires of the wreath form. 

Continue around until you have the wire wreath form completely covered in strips of fabric. After I’m finished, I like to go and add some strips in the places that look a little “bare”. 

The photo below is a “back” view of the wreath …

and here is your finished product!!

You can dress wreaths up with anything you would like, flowers, ribbons, etc … Or they look great plain too!

This is the perfect craft to do while your watching a good movie. It’s so simple, yet adds so much to any decorating that you’re doing! 

Monday, September 11, 2017

I Remember

September 11th.

Sunshine. Autumn. Blue skies. Tuesday.

Shock. Horror. Terror. 

Everyone has a story to tell, don't they? If you weren't there experiencing it, you were watching it on television. You remember where you were and what you were doing. 

You remember the point where you realized this wasn't an accident.

You remember the feelings of fear and horror and terror and anger ...

You remember the moment you decided to do something about this.

Some people traveled to New York or to Washington D.C. to try and help. Some helped from home by sending supplies and giving blood. And praying.

Some joined the military to help protect their country and to honor those who lost their lives.

This year's remembrance seems almost like an afterthought because so many of us have been focused on the devastation that Irma has been causing. But even at that, we pause and we remember what happened.

The tributes today and the memories and the news clips and the photos ... they're for me and you. They are to remind us of what happened. The memorials are to make us stop and think of those who were attacked:  on the planes ... in the towers ... at the Pentagon ... They remind us of the heroes who lost their lives rushing into the towers to rescue others, and the heroes who lost their lives in a field in Pennsylvania while fighting against the terrorists who had hijacked their plane.

But the memorials aren't just for us. It stunned me recently to realize that my youngest, Nick, wasn't even two on September 11, 2001. He knows what the date is. He's seen pictures. But he doesn't really remember the day for himself. He has no recollection of what occurred. The memorials and remembrances are for him and thousands like him who were too young to have any actual memories from that day. 

Why would I want my son to remember something so horrible? Because sometimes we need to be reminded that there is evil in the world. We need to know that there are people out there who truly hate the good and right and will do anything to destroy it. We need to be reminded that, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

But my son needs to remember September 11th for another reason as well. He needs to know that there are heroes in the world. There are people who will give their lives trying to help others. He needs to know that there are heroes who will fight evil in all its forms, regardless of political stance or cost to oneself.

I hope that we never forget the lessons we learned that day and the heroic examples that were given. I think memorials are a good tool to remind us of what's truly important; to challenge us to stand for what's right and fight against the things that are wrong.

So today, as you trudge in to your Monday morning workload ... as you clean up from a storm ... as you head out on your errands ... Remember.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

Answers to Yesterday's Quiz

So you think you know your Boyds? Let's see how you did. Here's the answers to yesterday's quiz:

1. Matt. He was barefoot on the cement floor of the garage when he tried to plug in a 220v plug. His hand looked like someone had bored holes in it with a drill.

2. Paul. He was three and we were on our way to Uganda. There was a girls' soccer team in the row behind him and they all fell in love.

3 and 4. Stephanie.

5. Paul. He was looking for one of our cats, but instead he came across the feral suitor who had slipped in the window looking for his girlfriends.

6. Luke.

7. Nick. I don't know if he was making up his own language or trying to say something in English, but we always knew when he wanted seconds.

8. Joel came down with meningitis before he was a week old.

9. Luke. Although technically I guess this could be Paul, Joel and Nick as well because they all made bets with each other.

10. Matt decided a light saber battle would be a good way to attract attention to our yard sale. And it worked ... until the police showed up.

11. Luke. The church was on Hughes Road at the time and he gave quite a view to all the traffic.

12. Matt. His daughter takes after him, too.

13. Joel. He didn't want to go to the park that day, but I insisted. Talk about mom guilt!

14. Nick. He had Bo and Lar and Beth and Rufus. Rufus was the imaginary dog.

15. Stephanie. It was an accident, but that didn't make the puppy any less dead.

16. Paul. We were at a meeting where the pastor made no secret of the fact that he was only tolerating another missionary. Paul was two and kept peeking out at the pastor with his big green eyes. By the time the service was over and we were packing up our display table, Paul and the pastor were playing hide-n-seek in the auditorium. The church took us on that month.

17. Joel shoved Nicky off the porch. Nick landed face first on the cement apron.

18. Nick. He ran all over our compound in Uganda, and when he was tired, he'd just drop wherever he was and go to sleep.

So now you have it. Thanks for playing!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Which One?

I have a game for you on this cool, fall-like Friday morning. I'll give you a list of things that one or more of my children did, and you guess which child it was.

Disclaimer: My kids and family may remember things differently, but since I'm the one writing the blog, my memory is the official one being used.

Ready to play? Pick one or guess them all and answer in the comments. Here we go:

1.  Which child electrocuted themselves while we were in Uganda?

2.  Which child made friends with an entire soccer team while on an airplane?

3.  Which child made a perfect score on their driving test?

4.  Which child tended to drift over the middle line while learning to drive? (Hint:  same one as the answer in #3)

5.  Which child discovered a strange cat in their bedroom?

6.  One of them met a soldier at an airport. He/she thanked the soldier for their service, gave them a Gospel tract, and made such an impression that the soldier wrote a letter to my husband about them.

7.  Which child said, "Pwease! I wuv it, atee-tee, awoo-woo" whenever they wanted seconds at dinner?

8.  Which child ended up in the intensive care unit at the hospital when they were six days old?

9. Which child made a bet on how soon I would actually burst into tears when dropping them off at college?

10. Which child stopped traffic by having a light saber battle on top of a parked car at the side of the road?

11.  Which child whipped his pants down and "watered" the flowers in front of the church building when he was two?

12.  Which child regularly introduced himself/herself to strangers in the grocery store?

13.  Which child broke both his wrists when I insisted he go to the park and get some exercise?

14.  One of them had imaginary friends (re: more than one) when they were little.

15.  Which one ran over a puppy with a motorcycle?

16.  One of them actually won over a pastor and got a church to take us on for support when we were missionaries to Uganda.

17.  Which one shoved his/her brother, strapped in an umbrella stroller, off a four-foot high cement porch?

18.  Which one could fall asleep anywhere (under the guava tree, on the steps in the bleachers during a basketball game, etc.)?

And I'm going to stop at eighteen because that means there's three questions for each of them. Because which one would notice if their brothers/sister got more than the others? All of them.

Check back here tomorrow for a special post with the answers.