Friday, October 19, 2018

Who Needs to Plan??

  I had something else planned to write today, but then yesterday happened, and my plan went out the window.

  I also has several other things planned for yesterday, but they didn't end up happening. What did happen, you ask? Well, as we're all going about our morning and getting ready for our day, my three year old went up to the lady we are staying with and said, "How do i get this ball our of my ear?".

  So we looked inside her ear to find a tiny white ball. We couldn't tell if it was an air soft pellet or a tiny styrofoam ball. I made an attempt to get it out, but when I barely touched the ball, it slid in further. 

 OK, change of plans, we are going to spend this morning at the doctor. First trip to the doctor in Brazil. Off we go, me, my hubby, the missionary that we're staying with, and our little girl who did not understand the seriousness of the situation. I say that because not only did she try to put another one in her other ear right before we walked out the door, but she was also singing about how she put a ball in her ear and she was s going to the doctor. 🤦‍♀️

    Fast forward 5 hours and 3 waiting rooms and  many "we do not put things in our ears" speeches , we had made our way to the surgery center waiting room at the hospital. The doctor had decided anesthesia was the best option. Little girl sleeps, and they take it out.

  My thoughts of, "I hope this scares her enough to keep her from doing it again" were followed by many thoughts of guilt. I wanted her to be scared not traumatized. Finally the doctor came and took her back. The doctor assured us she would be fine because he knew english. Yes, he did... A whole 10 words in english. I'm sure that little 3 year old wouldn't be scared at all without being able to understand anything. 🤨 When she left, I cried.

I forgot to mention that they only allow one parent past the intial hospital waiting room. They let me go and the missionary go because I needed an interpreter. So for 4 hours, my hubby sat downstairs in a waiting room and I sat upstairs in a waiting room. Both of us feeling totally helpless.

  After the longest 25 minutes ever they finally brought my little girl back out. She no longer had a ball in her ear, and she looked very confused. After another hour of waiting, we were finally able to leave the hospital.

I learned several thing in our 9-5 hospital day yesterday... 
Plans? There's no point. 
I'm not a huge fan of public hospitals here. 
Little girl was scared, but not traumatized.     She actually doesnt remember anything   except them bringing her to me. 
And, I have got to learn Portuguese. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Happy Thoughts Thursday

So you've made it through half the week, but it's still not Friday yet. Sometimes by Thursday you need a little lift to make it to the weekend.

Our solution? Happy Thought Thursday. On Tuesdays you can drop a pet peeve or an irritation. On Thursdays, give us a praise, a thankfulness, or something that just makes you happy. Your contributions on Thursday can be deep and spiritual, such as thankfulness for your salvation, or as shallow as a cup of coffee or a good hair day.  Here are our happy thoughts for this week:

Stephanie:  we got house keys today!!!! 
Kylee: I get to see baby girl on ultrasound today!

Jill:  I’m going to the dentist today. That would not normally be a happy thought, but if it helps me get over the pain I’ve been experiencing, I’ll be happy!

 what about you? What makes you happy today?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Art of Sitting Still

While my children have learned to behave in public (at least most of the time), there were many long years when I struggled to teach them to sit still during a church service. Whether we were hitting every church up and down I-65 while we were on deputation, or sitting in our tabernacle in Uganda, or just at our home church in Madison, Alabama, there were times when I felt like we were at a wrestling match instead of a church service.

With that in mind, I thought I'd give a few tips on training little ones to sit in a service. Not all of these suggestions may work for you, but here's a few ideas that might help.

1.  If your church posts their sermons online, or if they offer CD's of their messages, you may want to take advantage of it because for a while at least, you're not going to be getting very much out of the sermon when it's live.

2.  Don't wait until an actual church service to start training them. Take some time at home and tell them you're "practicing for church". Have them sit next to you on the couch, and just practice sitting still. Start with just a couple of minutes, and then gradually increase the time. Do not have the TV on, and don't have your phone nearby either. Every time they start moving or try to get down, correct their behavior by telling them no, and reminding them that they're practicing. Set a timer and have them sit still until it goes off. Reward success with a small treat. (An M&M or a penny to put in their bank.)

3. Sit towards the back of the auditorium during the service. There will be times when you have to take your child out, and people who come in and out of the auditorium during the service are very disruptive.

4. When they are very small, they won't be able to sit still for the entire length of the service, so have a small coloring book or notepad, or a small, quiet toy to occupy them. (Please don't let them color on the pews, carpets, hymnals, etc.)

5. Do NOT use your phone or tablet to entertain them. Although it makes things a lot easier, you're not teaching them to sit quietly in church. You're teaching them to entertain themselves with electronic devices during church. That's a much harder habit for them to break when they get older.

6. If they're having a tough time sitting still and following the rules during a service, deal with it at the time. Don't tell them you'll discipline them when they get home. Sometimes you will have to tell them, "If you do that again, I'm going to spank you." Hint:  They know if you mean the threat or not, so follow through. If necessary, take them to the foyer or restroom or someplace private and spank them.

7. When you're through disciplining, return to the auditorium. I can't stress this enough. If you spend the rest of the service sitting in the foyer watching them play, or if you take them to the nursery midway through the service, they will never learn to sit through a service because you're rewarding their bad behavior.

8. Even after your children have learned appropriate behavior, they'll still have days where they can't seem to sit still or they'll go through phases of testing your resolve. You may need to use added incentives. For instance, place 5-10 pennies in a cup and set it on the pew. Tell your child they're not allowed to touch the cup during the service, but if they behave, the pennies are theirs when the service is over. But also tell them that you will remove a penny every time they misbehave. You can do this with M&M's or skittles if you don't want to use pennies.

9. It probably goes without saying, but if you have to take the pennies or candies away, don't give them back. Tell your child they can try again to earn them during the next service.

10. Try to take care of needs such as bathroom trips and drinks of water before the service. Especially as they get older, they should be able to sit through the service without having to go to the restroom. And I've never yet seen a child die of thirst during a church service.

(You DO know that you should be able to make it through a 60-70 minute service without having to take a break, don't you?)

Once they are old enough to read and write fairly well, they need to focus on what the preacher is preaching. Have them take notes. They don't need to outline it, but they should be able to write down one or two things that they got from the sermon.

What about you? Have you got any tips or suggestions for training children to sit in a church service?

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Testy Tuesday

It's that time again. Just below are the pet peeves that are driving us crazy this week. Add your own in the comments, or ditto someone else. Commiserate with each other, blow off steam and go on your merry way.

Kylee: people who don't know how to drive!

Stephanie: that my children have been wearing the same 2 church outfits for far too long.

Jill:  When someone puts pumpkin spice flavor coffee in the coffee maker. ☹️

Now it's your turn. What's bugging you?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Happy Birthday, Talia!

Today we are celebrating this girl! 

Four years ago, Talia joined our family and life hasn't been the same since! She is spunky, tender-hearted, and full of life. There are so many things we love about her, but there are a few things that many of you don't know about her that really just make her so fun and special.

One of the things I love most about her and it may be silly but she snorts when she laughs. It's infectious and you can't help but want to laugh right along with her. We should have expected this when she had a smile this big when she was only 3 days old.

She is very caring! Talia wasn't feeling well this day and her little sister wanted to cuddle so she rubbed her head until she fell asleep. 

She loves fashion and most days you will see her in a dress. If not, she is just too cool for school and accessorizing like no one's business. I'm willing to pick my battles on days like these.

She is fearless! She loves to climb and be adventurous, which gives me gray hair and I'm way to young for that!

(Note: There is no picture of her adventurous side because I'm too busy making sure she doesn't hurt herself!)

She loves to share with her daddy. They have a special bond and it makes this mommy happy!

She can be incredibly sweet and angelic and it just melts your heart!

Happy 4th Birthday sweet girl! 
Now it's time for a day of food, fun, family time, and presents!!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Off to Brazil

  One of these days, I'll actually come up with good title for my posts, but for now...

We had vbs this week. This was the last day and they missed a nap, so it wasn't our most pleasant day. 

This guy won a prize during vbs. His very own 2 liter of guaraná, which he told his big sister, and everyone else that came near, "this is mine soda. I not sharing." he was all about it until we convinced him to exchange later for some dinosaur toys. 🦖🦕

We practiced our "millenial stare off in the distance, you may adore me pose" because apparently you can't survive on social media without mastering it... Or so it would seem. 

And we had our first chicken nuggets and fries in two months. I think the look says it all.

That's all folks 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Happy Thoughts Thursday

So you've made it through half the week, but it's still not Friday yet. Sometimes by Thursday you need a little lift to make it to the weekend.

Our solution? Happy Thought Thursday. On Tuesdays you can drop a pet peeve or an irritation. On Thursdays, give us a praise, a thankfulness, or something that just makes you happy. Your contributions on Thursday can be deep and spiritual, such as thankfulness for your salvation, or as shallow as a cup of coffee or a good hair day.  Here are our happy thoughts for this week:

Stephanie:  several children saved so far during vbs! 
Kylee: only 3 and half weeks until we meet our newest little girl💗

Jill:  My dishwasher is working again!

 what about you? What makes you happy today?