Friday, March 23, 2018

We have a secret!

Are you good at keeping secrets or do you like to spill the beans as soon as someone tells you one? My daughters think it's fun to keep secrets so we've shared a few with them; some important ones and some silly ones. They do a pretty good job! My husband can't really keep a secret to save his life. I can keep a secret really well unless my husband gets too excited then I give in and spill because he wants to.

What type of person are you? The one who keeps the secrets or the one who tells them?

It's been proven that secrets shouldn't be kept. In fact it's not good to keep secrets because its bad for your health and can cause stress.

 So, for those reasons I'm not going to keep our secret any longer. I'll just leave this here with you. 

Matt and I are very excited to have another baby, and the girls are too. A lot of our family have asked what we hope for. Stella would like another girl, Talia wants a baby boy and when I ask Olivia, she says "me". Clearly she still wants to be the baby. As for my husband, it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl as long as it's one baby and not two. But healthy is most important! 

So there ya go. The secret's out! What do you think it will be?

Please pray with us for a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tell me about it

Today, you are going to be doing most of the writing. It's Wednesday and most of us have a midweek service today, if not tomorrow. So let's get ourselves in the mindset for service tonight by answering a few questions. Pick one, a few, or all to answer in the comments. 

1. What is your favorite verse (or verses)
     - I have three. Philippians 4:13 " I can do all things through Christ which
                                                          strengtheneth me."
                             Psalm 56:3 "What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee."
                              Jeremiah 32:27 "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there 
                                                            any thing too hard for me?"

2. What is your favorite hymn?
    - How Great thou Art

3. What are you reading in your devotions? Are you doing a devotional book or study of some kind?
    - I'm reading through Isaiah at the moment, but I'm also doing a study on the
       Proverbs 31 woman. Dissecting that chapter a verse a day. 

4. Where do you sit at church and why? (example: back row, front and center, organ side, piano side)
      - We sit towards the back on the organ side. We started this when we had infants in
         the nursery in case I had to leave during the service and that just kind of became 
          our place. 

5. What was the last message you heard or that your pastor preached?
    - The last message I heard my pastor preach was a continuance on the study in Romans. (BTW, I  love it when our pastor does a series on one of the books of the Bible.)
6. How long does it take you to get out the door before church?
    - From the time we are ready to leave, it usually takes another 10 minutes of 
       corralling the kids towards the door, making sure we have diaper bags, 
        sippy cups, and Bibles, locking up the house, herding the kids to the van 
        (and not dirtying clothes in the dirt in the process), and buckling them in
         carseats before we can actually leave. 
Whoever came up with this phrase did not have kids. 

7.  Do you take notes?  If so, do you have a notebook or do you write in your Bible?
     - Taking notes helps me to stay focused. I usually bring a notebook with me, but if for
        some reason I don't have it, then I write in my Bible. 

8.  Are you a sermon snacker? Candy, gum, or other?
      - I am. I like to have some candy to chew on, but if I don't have any, gum works. 
My new favorite sermon snack!

9. This flu season, have you been shaking hands or avoiding it with a fist or an elbow bump? 
     - I just shake hands because I have kids and they'll most likely pick it up from 
        somewhere, and if they do, then it won't matter if I shook hands or not. 

10. Is there a message that you have heard that just sticks with you?
      - About a year ago, Bro. Jeff Fugate preached a message at our church about how 
         everyone occasionally deals with a hard heart, but the problem comes or the sin
         comes when we let it stay that way. 

You're welcome for not stopping at #9 to all you OCD people out there!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Check Please!

I have an important question to ask you on this bright Monday morning.

Do you write checks?

It used to be that everyone wrote checks for everything. Who remembers standing behind someone in the checkout line while they slowly wrote out the check for their groceries? Now you just swipe your card through the scanner. And if you're the impatient sort like me you go through the self-checkout so that you don't have to wait for anyone.

Did you ever write out checks for your bills and then worry about putting the wrong check in the wrong envelope? 

Now I pay most of our bills online. I can set up bill pay through my bank's website, or I can go to the website of the electric company or cable company or auto loan and pay the bill directly. In fact, it annoys me when I come across a bank or company that doesn't have the option to pay them electronically through their website. I mean, if they don't have that kind of convenience, do I even want to do business with them?

Do you keep a check register?

Do you know what a check register is?

I don't keep a checkbook register anymore. I get text alerts from my bank anytime money goes out of our account, and I also get daily notifications of our balance. 

Actually, I do write one check every week for our tithe. But I don't really need to. Our church has text giving. Once it's set up, you can text the amount you want to give that week and hit send. Or you can download the app and give that way.

It's all so effortless and easy now. The way technology is going, it won't be long before I can spend money just by thinking about it.

So what about you? Are you into the latest convenience when it comes to banking and handling money? Do you pay online, but keep a register anyway just to make sure of yourself? Or do you routinely write out the monthly checks and mail them in just as you've always done?

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Purge

Don’t worry this blog isn’t about the creepy movie, with the creepy people who have the creepy mask. Although what I’m referring to could be just as scary for some people.

I’m talking about the Toy Purge. 

At the beginning of the year one of my goals that I set was to start organizing more at home and get rid of things that we don’t need. So once a week I would pick a different area or room to declutter. If it was a small project I would try and do two or three things. I was off to a great start and then towards the end of January we all got sick and it was hard to get back in the swing of things. I have been doing some organizing here and there, but not weekly like I had originally set out to do. 

There is one specific area that I have been putting off on purpose and that would be my children’s toys. I always felt like I needed to keep all of their toys. A lot of them are in good condition because they don’t play with any one toy everyday to wear it down. I’ve thought, how could I possibly get rid of this toy or that; so and so gave that to them. Even if they haven’t played with it for a year or more, I know that the minute I get rid of it they are going to want it. I mean, I know I’m the same way with certain things (clothes and shoes). I don’t think they have an over abundance of toys but they definitely have more than they need (or play with). I read a few blogs recently that really helped me to know how to get started. 

I included the girls in helping me. I figure that, if I let them choose what to keep and what not to keep, they'll be less likely to get upset when they look for something that they wanted to play with that is no longer there. 

So, I have a garbage pile for small toys that were broken, missing pieces, or anything that I couldn’t recognize quickly. 

I have a re-sell pile (Once Upon a Child). I like to take some of their toys and get some type of money back for them that I can use for clothes or other useful things. Specifically some of their toys that take batteries. I know I’m not replacing batteries often so they are just being wasted sitting here. 

I have a yard sale pile. These are toys I know the resale shop won’t take, but I know we could still get some money for them. 

Lastly, I have the keep pile which is getting smaller, but by no means am I finished. The girls still seem happy with how we are doing. We’ll see how they feel when we're all said and done. 

So, I’m off to a good start, but do you have any other toy purging advise? 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

2 a.m. Wake up Call - Part 2

  Usually when you have a Part 2, you knew about it when you wrote Part 1.  This is not a Part 2 that I ever thought I'd have. About a year ago, I wrote a post called "2 a.m. Wake up Call". If it's one that you missed, you can read it here -->   And last Friday, Part 2 happened.

  About 11 p.m last Friday, we shut the house down and went to bed. Hubby said that he had a hard time falling asleep that night. He tossed and turned for a long time, and then thought he heard something, so he got up to check it out. He didn't think much of it because we live in an older house and it makes noises all the time. Still, he got up and went to check it out. He walked the house and as he got to his office, where we have a sliding glass door to the back porch, he heard something out on the back porch. He said he wasn't sure if it was a critter or something else, but as he got close to the door he heard a crash outside. He went to the window to see out there, but he saw nothing. So he just watched for a few minutes and waited. Still nothing.

  Where was I in all this, you ask?  I was passed out in bed. I didn't hear the noises and he didn't tell me before hand. He came back in the room, and told me about it and said he wasn't sure what it was, but he thought it was probably just an animal. So, he got back in bed. He didn't make a big deal about it, so I wasn't really worried. He knows me well, because if he had said he thought it might be something else, I wouldn't have gone back to sleep.

  Not even 20 minutes after he came back to bed, it started. The pounding on the door. I jumped out of my skin. It was 1:55 in the morning. Who in the world would bang on the front door??  Hubby jumped up again and grabbed his pistol and told me to call 911. He could see someone standing at our front door, and they were yelling "I need to talk to you".  We don't know our neighbors very well, and we don't answer the door for anyone at 2 in the morning.

Ninja mom, came back out and I ninja crouched my way in to grab my daughter. My son was already in our room because he had the stomach bug, So, ninja crouch back into our room with my daughter and I watched out the window to see what I could see. Hubby talked to the cops and I was able to see and describe the guy walking away from our door. When this happened a year ago, it turned out to be our neighbor wanting to tell us in the middle of the night that he had shut our van door for us. When the cops got there, they found out that it was our neighbor this time also.

  Our neighbor told the cops that he was out on his back porch and he saw someone in our back yard and that he chased the guy off into the field. The cop came and talked to us and then went and searched the field to see if they could find anything. We never heard back as to whether or not they found anything, but we did find the next day that it looked like someone was trying to pry the lock open on our back door.

 I sort of feel bad for calling the cops on our neighbor, but we still don't know why he didn't just call the cops himself. If we had seen someone in our neighbors yard, we would have called the cops and let the cops tell him about it. I still don't think walking up to a house with all the lights off and banging on the door is a good idea. Anyways, when all was said and done, it ended up being a really long night that night... and the next one.. and the next one. Ninja mom is really just a big scaredy cat
So, ninja scaredy cat hasn't slept well in the last few days.  I find myself waking up and watching the halls to make sure that no one is creeping in to get us. Even though the intruder couldn't have actually got in the back door, even if they broke the lock. There's a bar in the door to keep it from opening. 

So, at the end of it all, I'm thankful that this happened when we were home instead of while we were on a trip because who knows if the guy would have tried to break the glass and come in anyways if he thought there was no one home. I'm also thankful that God kept hubby from falling asleep that night so that he would hear the noise. I'm thankful that, even though he likes to knock on people's doors in the middle of the night, we have a neighbor who cared enough to try and chase the intruder off. And lastly, I'm thankful that in all of this, God protected us. 

  So that's my Part 2 story. Tell me, would you have opened the door in the middle of the night?  

Monday, March 12, 2018

It's All Fun and Games until Someone Gets Head-Butted

You've read recently about the trouble both Kylee's and Stephanie's girls have gotten into lately. Well I'm here to tell you that, sometimes, kids don't outgrow their shenanigans.

My boys, like most boys, tend to wrestle occasionally. Although the particular wrestling bout that I'm going to tell you about didn't start out as wrestling.

Late Friday night we all started getting ready for bed. I walked through the living room to find Luke laying on the floor with Nick helping Luke crack his back by stepping on it. Other than telling Nick not to put all his weight in one spot ... say, his brother's spine ... I didn't see much unusual in their actions. A short time later I heard them switch positions so Nick's back could get cracked. As I passed back through the living room, my husband joined them and the three were laughing and joking and wrestling around. Again, nothing unusual here.

I went into my bedroom, but turned around almost immediately because I'd forgotten to get a bottle water. In the thirty seconds that it took to come back out into the living room, the entire scene had changed. All three guys were on their feet. No one seemed particularly tense or angry, however, Nick did have his hands on Luke's shoulders. Apparently the wrestling had gotten out of hand or Luke was fighting dirty because, using the same tone that he would have used in telling a waiter that his steak was undercooked, Nick explained to Luke, "If you ever do that again, then I'll do this."

And he head-butted his brother.

The gesture didn't phase me much because, have you met my boys? Also, it didn't seem like Nick used a lot of force. It almost looked like he was just making the gesture with his head to show what he would do if necessary in the future.

And then Luke's hands went to his nose.

And my husband stopped laughing.

There were no tears and the blood wasn't really gushing that much, so I headed on to bed. I may seem heartless, but have you met my boys? My husband came to bed a short time later and when I asked about Luke's nose he said, "He'll live."

A short time later there was a knock on the door. Luke came in and told us he was pretty sure his nose was broken. It was already swelling and painful so he and his dad spent a few minutes feeling along the sides of the nose and discussing what direction to pull in order to "set" it. This was nothing I wanted to see so I suggested ibuprofen, an ice pack and using his health insurance and then I went to sleep. I know I seem heartless, but have you met my boys?

Luke did not have black eyes the next morning, but he did have a very swollen nose and a lot of pain. I advised the continuous use of ibuprofen and icing it every hour or two.

So what have we learned? Apparently a broken bone is no reason to go the emergency room. The little brother is no longer the guy you want to pick on. The family gossip line is alive and well as it took less than thirty minutes for one of our other children to text us with questions, asking about the details. And in our family it's okay to mock someone that's in pain.

I give it a week before someone's wrestling again. After all, have you met my boys?

Friday, March 9, 2018

Children for Sale

I find it ironic that just two blog posts ago I was updating you on my darling daughters and now, this week, they are for sale. This past weekend we went through a series of unfortunate events. I seriously thought it would never end but hey, here we are!

It all started while I was doing my devotions and my sweet littlest darling was playing with daddy’s video game cases. I heard her doing it but didn’t really think anything of it because I knew she couldn’t open them... or could she? I then heard a snap. I’ll give you a hint.. Yes, Indeed she could open the case and the snap I heard?  It was the sound of daddy’s favorite video game in two pieces.

My big girls like to try new things on their trampoline, and Olivia thinks she can hang with the big dogs. So she tried one of the new tricks she learned from big sisters. Only she missed the trampoline completely and fell right on her face. Leaving her with a scratch on her head and a skinned up nose.

Most of the time my girls play really well together. However, recently we have started a biting phase. 

In a previous blog I had mentioned that we have a wood business on the side. I had just finished a project and baby girl climbed up in the chair while I was in the other room and scribbled on it. 

Oh wait, there’s more!

Next, my darling middle child thought it would be fun to cut her bangs. Didn’t this happen with another one of your kids you ask? Why yes, yes it did. How do these kids keep getting ahold of scissors? I don’t know, but they are now banned from our home. Although, I definitely wasn’t happy that she cut her hair, at least she did a decent job. 

Last but not least, I was giving the girls their baths and Olivia walks into the bathroom with the xbox controller and her blanket. I quickly grabbed them from her and took them back to the living room as she followed me. I went back to the bathroom and was dealing with another girl. Somehow I missed that she walked back in and I heard a big SPLASH! I quickly turned around saying, “Oh No, Oh No!” Sure enough she tossed the controller right into the water. I quickly got it out, shook it and immediately took it apart and put it in rice. I knew it worked for phones sometimes, so that really was the only thing I could think of to do. 
That pretty much sums up the weekend we had. So in the comments leave your bid on the girls. Highest bidder takes them all… just kidding. Who could ever sell their children? They sure give me a run for my money sometimes but here’s to a new weekend!

What are some of the most frustrating things your kids have done? What have you done to give your parents gray hairs?