Monday, January 22, 2018

The Struggle Is Real

I’m not sure what it is about the new year. It seem like I’m on track and am off to a good start on my goals. However, figuring out what to blog about sure seems to be a struggle. Well, this weeks blog was no different until something interesting happened yesterday afternoon. 

I had a few things I wanted to get done after church so we had a quick lunch. We finished eating and I was sitting on the couch for a few minutes before getting started on my “things”. All of a sudden I heard both of our older girls running down the hallway towards the restroom. They were racing each other to the toilet because we only have one bathroom. When nature calls, apparently it calls them both at the same time. Well Stella beat her little sister to the potty. From the living room I could hear Talia telling Stella to hurry because she was going to go in her undies.

It was just a second later, Talia calls out from the bathroom. “Mom, can I go in the bathtub?” I looked at my husband panicked and he just starts laughing. So, I shouted “No”, and darted to the bathroom. 

Well, I was too late …

As I walked into the bathroom she was already sitting on the edge of the bathtub. She had already “gone” in the tub. 

I should have been mad and she should have been punished but it seemed a little pointless to punish her since she had already seen me laugh. So, we took care of it and had a nice talk about how we shouldn’t do that again. 

So, if you thought you had a rough afternoon because you didn’t get that nap or that special dinner you were wanting. Just think it could have been “stinkier”.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Mom life

 This is coming to you at 3:00 in the morning when my one year old decided he couldn't sleep and then I realized that I hadn't blogged. And what else would be on one's mind at 3a.m. Other than the the thing that is keeping them awake. My children.

  My son has been tossing and turning in his bed for a while now and finally woke up to come find me and tell me he wanted his cup. Well, I didn't have his cup, the kitchen did... And I'm not a house wanderer at 3a.m. But being the good mother I am, and knowing I won't get to go back to sleep if he doesn't get some water, we trekked across the dark eerie house. Turning💡 on💡 every 💡single💡 light💡 as 💡we 💡went💡😁 We have our water and now I'm gonna write this while I wait for him to fall back asleep. I have to wait because I may not be a house wanderer, but he is.

  Kids are funny aren't they? And we do things as parents that we never thought we would have to do or say in our lives. My father in law keeps telling me to do a post called "things I never thought I'd have to say" but I haven't because most of them aren't really appropriate. Think about it, if you never thought you'd have to say it there's probably a good reason, but then your kids does something and you're like "why in  the world do I have to tell you that's not and okay thing to do?!?!". I remember my mom having some of those. Our family growing up had some rules that probably fall into my mom's category of "things she never thought she'd have to say". 

 Then kids say the funniest things too. Our two year old, almost three year old 😢, is learning something new every day. Her new "thing" lately is "I has a question for you". The first time she said that was at nap time when she didn't want me to leave her room...
Daughter: "mom, I has a question for you."
Me: "ok, what?"
Daughter : "it's about dinosaurs"
Me: (intrigued) "what about dinosaurs"
Then she proceeds to tell me, not ask me, something about dinosaurs. We've had this exact conversation three or four times in the last few days and I still haven't figured out what it is about dinosaurs that she's  "asking" me.

My son is in between sizes right now. He's too tall for 12 month pants, but too skinny for 18 month pants. It's a real problem because most of the time he either looks like he's ready for a flood or he didn't get the memo on belts. And when his pants are too big and they fall down, he doesn't see the need to actually pull them back up, he just waddled around as is. The other day I realized why he doesn't want to pull them up. Baggy pant legs make great toy storage apparently. After telling him to pull his pants up and watching him struggle, I went over to help him. He couldn't get them up because he had a toy stuffed down each leg. He was quite proud of himself for thinking of it too because he wasn't too happy when I took them out, pulled his pants up, and said "we don't put toys down our pants". That would be on that list of "things I never thought I'd have to say".

I remember when my little brother was three years old and we got to the point where he would get a pat down before every service Because his Sunday school teacher kept finding him with cars and G. I. Joe's. Turns out he was hiding them in the back of his tie in that little bar that's supposed to hold the back of the tie to the front. My son hasn't figured that out yet. At least his smuggling method is a little easier to detect at this point. Pants on the ground = obvious clue.

Then they do the really cute things that make your heart melt. Last night on our way home from church our daughter was sitting in her carseat jabbering away when... 
Daughter: "mom, I'm pretty tired"
Me: "are you?" 
Daughter: "ya, and pretty cold. I need a blanket" 
Me: "I don't have a blanket, sweetie. You'll have to wait till we get home."
Daughter : "oh. I'm pretty cold, dough (though) will you share your coat with me" 
Side note: my coat was the Jean jacket I was wearing over a sleeveless dress. 
Me: "I'm not really wearing a coat" 
Daughter: "yes you are. It's right dere" 
Me: "where" (thinking maybe she sees one in the back that I missed) 
Daughter: "on your back. Can you give it to me?" 
Thankfully daddy stepped in and shared his suit coat, because she was asking so sweetly and melting our heart. I was about to freeze and just go sleeveless in the 20 degree weather. 

Our son, however, had a not so sweet church evening. He got dropped off at the nursery and in record time my buzzer was going off. Apparently, he was pretty ticked that he was in the nursery, which is not unusual for him. But this time he was standing at the gate crying and then screaming and swatting at the workers who tried to come get him. Well, that just doesn't fly in our house and the workers know me well enough to know that. So we're back to the record time buzzing. I went back and we had a little session and chat about obeying and not hitting, followed by the most pathetic little quiver and "yes ma'am" I've ever heard. The he went back to his class and I didn't get buzzed again. They said there were a few more crying at the gate attempts, but no more hitting. Thank goodness for nursery workers. They get the un-fun job of watching everyone's cranky, tired babies this week. I say that like this is abnormal for my son because it's been a long week, but I know the truth. He's always cranky in the nursery. Sorry, ladies. 

Speaking of him, though, he's finally back asleep. So I think I'm  going to go back to sleep now. Hope everybody has a great Friday. I think I'll be sleeping in after this... Oh wait, no I won't. I have toddlers. What was I thinking? 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tools, Traveling and Tips

So I'm writing this post while sitting in a motel. We're traveling back home to Alabama because hubby is supposed to preach in a conference later this week. Today's post is going to be a hodgepodge of suggestions and tips for everything from traveling to life.

Your welcome.

Anyway, tip number one is that you should never announce on the internet that you're traveling because you don't want to alert thieves and robbers who are trolling through the internet that your home might be vulnerable. I realize I started today's post with that kind of announcement that we should never make, but if you're a thief who reads this blog in order to know when to break into our house, 1. you need to get a life; 2. you need to get a better target; 3. even though we're gone, these guys are still at the house. Not only will they guard our stuff well, but they also know Krav Maga, and they will leave you hurting if you attempt to enter our house without permission.

Tip number two:  if you play the piano, you may have noticed that your fingers become awfully icy by the time you finish playing for the song service. Especially if you live in Michigan, the temperature is in the single digits and the furnace doesn't kick on early enough to warm up the auditorium. With all the hunters in my family, I've zoned in on one of their tools and now I always carry one of these with me to the piano:

I hold onto it between songs, and it helps keep the feeling in my fingers. They also have toe warmers in case you work in a drafty office in the same building. Just sayin'.

Tip number three:  it's not overpacking. It's called being prepared. I like to have choices in what I wear because I never know how I'm going to feel on any given day. So to be gone for four days means I have to take more than four outfits. And let's face it--if you take only one or two pairs of shoes, you're doing it wrong.

Tip number four: If you plan your traveling right, you can multitask and end up visiting your college kid on the way to your husband's preaching engagement. If you time it really well, you'll hit town at the same time as a snowstorm that cancels classes and work for the day and you'll get to spend the whole day with him! Yay!

Tip number five: it's probably not a good idea to write a blogpost when you've only had three hours of sleep the night before because you were trying to get things finished up so you can leave in the morning. You'll end up falling asleep three times while trying to type, and then you have to go back and re-read what you wrote to make sure you were making sense and not talking gibberish.

With that in mind, I think I'll finish up here so that I can go to sleep properly.

So what about you? Got any tips either for traveling, packing, or just general life?

Monday, January 15, 2018

Chocolate Lovers

Do any of you think that Chocolate could be a meal all on it’s own? Although I can’t see you, I feel as if you are all shaking your heads yes. Awesome, I think so too! How about Twinkies? I know we all love Twinkies. If you don’t I’m so sorry that you are missing out. What if I told you there was a delicious way to have Chocolate and Twinkies all wrapped in one? When I was growing up my momma used to make a delicious Twinkie Cake. I didn’t think it was fair to keep it to myself so I thought I would share with you. 

1 Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake Mix (Follow Directions on the Box)
1 tub of frosting
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup shortening
1 tsp. vanilla
1/4 tsp. salt
3 cups powdered sugar
7 oz. marshmallow cream


Preheat your oven and grease your 9x13 pan.

Bake your cake according to the package directions.

When the cake is done baking, remove from oven and let it cool completely.

While the cake is cooling, prepare your filling. 

In a medium mixing bowl, beat the butter, shortening, vanilla, and salt until smooth.

Next, beat in powdered sugar on low, gradually increasing to high until smooth.

Last, mix in marshmallow cream until your filling is light and fluffy. 

When you cake is completely cooled. Flip it over onto wax paper slice in half, depth wise.

Carefully put the bottom half of your cake back in the pan. Spread your cream filling on your cooled cake. Then add your top layer back on. Chill in the fridge until your filling it set. 

Then top with your favorite frosting. 

*This cake is best kept in the refrigerator.

So, what’s your favorite chocolate recipe?

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Snowball Effect

  Sorry about the missed post yesterday. It's been one of those snowball effect weeks. One thing after another. The most recent of which was Thursday nights events..

It started around noon. I had a friend coming over and we were going to take my car for errands. I went out to move my car so that she could pull up in the driveway and not block us from getting out. Well, the only place to move my car was off the driveway and into the yard. I thought nothing of it, as we had done this many times before. When my friend arrived and we got in the car to head out, I realized that  the van in the yard may not have been my smartest move... The tires started spinning but not getting us anywhere. Needless to say we didn't end up taking my car to run our errands.

After an evening of attempts to get the car out, including friends cancelling a date night to come help,  and me hitting the brakes instead of the gas when they were trying to push, we ended with no success. Praise the Lord, that it didn't cost us much at all for a tow truck to come pull it out yesterday morning.

All that said, if you read my last post, you know about my snowball effect of a week.  I also posted about my New Years Resolutions, which have been going really well. We also have a big conference coming up at our church, and our pastor recently preached a message about preparing your heart for services.  Because of that, our family has been spending some time preparing our hearts for this upcoming conference.  What has all this got in common, you ask? I'm glad you asked.

In your Christian walk, have you ever noticed times when things seem to be going really well spiritually, you're up on that mountain, then the gusts of wind and rain blow and try to push you off that mountain?  Even though my resolutions, some of which were personal and about my walk with the Lord, have been going really well, it would be easy for those gusts of wind and rain that have been the last week and a half to blow me down off the mountaintop.

Those times in your life when it just doesn't make sense why all this is coming at you, it's easy to think that you need to re-examine some things. Is there something in your life that you need to get right?  It's easy to get discouraged about progress and feel like somehow you must still be failing in some way.

I just wanted to encourage you today. Sometimes, the gusts of wind and rain aren't a sign that something is wrong, but that something is right. Sometimes, those gusts mean that you're making the devil angry. He's not going to just sit by and do nothing about you trying to do more for the Lord, and more in your Christian walk. So, don't let the wind and the rain blow you off the mountain. Let it be a reason for you to pray that you can be more consistent, and more diligent, and that you can stand strong on the mountain. Don't let the snowball effect get you down or off track this year.

So, do you have a verse or a song that helps you stay strong through the gusts of wind and rain?

Friday, January 12, 2018

See ya Tomorrow

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, today's regularly scheduled post will be postponed until tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How're You Doing?

Well we're ten days into the new year. We've put the Christmas decorations away (or we're going to soon), we've said goodbye to the college students and sent them back to the halls of learning, and we're hunkering down for the long haul of winter before we see spring.

All things considered, is 2018 everything you thought it would be? I know, I know. It's only been ten days. So let me ask a different way:

How're the New Year's Resolutions coming along? Are you plugging along at it, still seeing the hope of improvement and changes that will brighten this year?

Are you struggling along, just barely keeping up with the resolutions and wondering why on earth they were so important ten days ago?

Or have you already given up and decided to hope for the best in 2018 and plan again to make things better in 2019?

In case you're one of the ones already struggling to keep up with the resolutions, try tweaking them with some of these suggestions:

1. Make them more manageable. Instead of saying you're going to exercise for the year, just plan on exercising one day. Then maybe you can try it again in a few weeks.

2. Did you resolve to do better with finances? don't stress over a financial management system. Pay one bill today. Boom. You're killing it.

3. Everybody resolves to "eat healthier". Stop trying to choke down your vegetables. Cut your dessert in half. Eat half at lunch and then practice self-discipline by waiting until after supper to eat the other half.

4. Did you resolve to read more this year? It's not really cheating to do audiobooks. Just saying'.

5. Did you set a goal of getting more organized? Start with something small. Take down the rest of your Christmas decorations. Bonus points for actually putting the totes and boxes back into storage instead of letting them stand in a corner until March.

And if your resolutions just seem too far out of reach, you might want to remember the following dates:

February 16th - Chinese New Year

April 13th - Thai New Year

September 9th - Jewish New Year

Just in case you want to start those resolutions over again.

Your welcome.