Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

     Thirty-four days. That's how long we've been gone on this round. It's been a busy trip, but a good one, and tomorrow we are finally going home! Home... finally... for a whole... three days.

     I have big plans for those three days. Big plans of doing nothing. 

Well, nothing except some cleaning the first day because we've been gone for over a month. But nothing other than that. I mean, except for that and a run to the grocery store because we do have to eat for those three days. That's it though, then I'm done. Well, done aside from doing some laundry. Oh, and the repacking for the next trip. And making sure it's clean before we leave again. And then there's the whole two toddlers thing I have to deal with. Oh, and also the doctor's appointments. Okay, so maybe my big plans are more like big dreams. That's okay, though, because we'll be home.

     We don't have any horror stories from deputation, but even if all of your stops and stays are good ones, there is just something about being home. You get to sleep in your own bed, and your kids get to sleep in their own beds (we bring a playpen and a cot with us, but somehow everyone ends up in our bed come morning). You get to make our own food. McDonalds gets old very quickly, and we have our favorites that we like to have our first few evenings home. You get to wash your clothes as often as you need. Don't get me wrong. We don't wear dirty clothes, we just carry around a bag of dirty clothes until it's absolutely necessary to wash (i.e. no clean undies for the next day). Then we find a place to do so. You get to let your child "cry it out" to go to sleep because there's no one in the room next door that you have to be courteous of. My kids get to cuddle to sleep almost every night, which I enjoy most nights, but they do need to know how to put themselves to sleep sometimes.

     It's just nice to go home, if even for a few days, to reset and recharge for the next trip. After this next trip, we'll be home for two whole weeks. It will be a good rest for us, because once we leave again it will be very busy. I do, however, have actual big plans for those two weeks. Finishing up potty training, sorting through the garage and storage to prepare for a yard sale, not to mention decorating and preparing for vacation bible school! It will still be a restful time for us though because we'll be home. I never thought of myself as a homebody. I love to get out and go places and always be going somewhere, but now I understand there really is no place like home.

     So what about you? Homebody or world traveler?



  1. Homebody or world traveler ... Neither and both. Lol I guess it depends on the mood I'm in. I definitely remember, though, the joys of finally having time at home when we were on deputation.

  2. Homebody. I do love "getting out" once in awhile but always enjoy coming right back home!

  3. I used to be the Traveler type. I grew up moving from state to state every year of my life for my dad's job. But now, I find myself wanting more and more to just stay home. I guess Im making up for lost time! haha... If only I could get those grandkids to stay here with me! lol