Friday, May 19, 2017

What I Didn't Know Then..

When you were a teenager, did you think you had life all figured out? Did you think that life didn’t move fast enough because you just couldn’t wait to grow up and be on your own. Well, now that I’m older and looking back there are some things i would definitely have changed about my teenage years.

  • My Education- I didn’t make it count when it mattered most. I should have focused more on studying and less on trying to “fit in”. Later in your life you don’t get a career based on if you “fit in” or not, you get one based on the education you have. 
I used to work as a receptionist at a Psychiatric office. One time, I got a call to adjust the thermostat for a patient that was going to come in an hour. Do you think I got that job because I “fit in”? My husband might think so.

  • Saving money- It can be exciting when you get your first job and that paycheck is burning a hole in your pocket. Don’t spend it all in one place. Trust me, i’ve been there. Save it! You’ll be so thankful that you did.

For me-it was shoes. I am a serious shoe addict. Do you know Oprah’s weight watchers commercial “I LOVE BREAD. I love bread!” Picture me saying that about shoes.

  • Time spent with loved ones- I have lost 2 loved ones within a year. My Grandma and my Daddy. As a young person you think those family members will be around for a long time. Life is short and you need to cherish those moments while you have them. I’m so grateful for the time spent with them before they each passed.   
  • Getting involved- I wasn’t faithful to church by any means but I attended youth group in high school. I didn’t take it seriously and I didn’t get involved. In my mind I was “too cool”. It wasn’t until I was married to my husband who is a youth pastor, and we were attending teen camp the first year as a married couple, that I realized I wish I would have been more active in my youth group. Don’t think you’re “too cool” to get involved, because you are not. You need Jesus! 

So, what would you add to the list?


  1. My spiritual life - if I'd only known back then what I know now, I would have taken my walk with the Lord seriously.

  2. I would have trusted God more, and that would have made me worry about what others thought less.