Monday, April 3, 2017


Growing up my family had gone to church off and on but it wasn’t until my teen years that we became more faithful. I went to public school until the middle of my junior year in high school, and then I homeschooled the last year and a half. I had different ideas of what I thought I would be doing with my life, but being in the ministry was something I had never considered. 

Well, ta-da, here I am!

My husband went into full time ministry about a year and a half ago. Since then we have been working together side by side and we have been able to learn a lot about each other. One of the major things so far is how to deal with mistakes that we make, not just in the ministry but in life itself. 

So, how do we deal with our mistakes?

Laugh - we laugh with each other and at each other!

For example:

My husband can say things that are funny, and sometimes even do really good impressions. However, he can’t tell a joke to save his life.

One time, on a Wednesday night Matt was teaching in teen class. He was trying (key word) to tell a joke and as he was getting to the punch line he forgot what it was ... we all heard the crickets chirping. From the back of the class I couldn’t wait for the “joke” to be over. I held up my notebook with a giant, yet bold:  FAIL!

Where I like to fail him, he likes loves to mock me … He sits up straight, cocks his head, squints his eyes, he raises his eyebrows and his pitch and MOCKS. 

Something else we like to do is make each other repeat ourselves…especially when we are right.

Sometimes my husband doesn’t pay attention to what I say, and just responds “You’re right.” So I see how many times I can get him to ADMIT that I’m right. 

 The most I have gotten him to say it was about 4 times, before he caught on!

I really enjoy serving with my husband. It’s not always dandelions and roses, but we do make a great team!

My Father-in-law has said, “Everyone makes mistakes, it’s how you deal with them that matters.” You have to learn to laugh or you won't have any fun.

** I was only failed 9 times during the writing of this blog**

So, what are some ways you have learned to “deal” with mistakes in your life?



  1. When i have a "fail", Zack either says "what grades did you get in school?" or he laughs and says "honey, it's ok. I still love you."

  2. That whole holding up a fail sign ... Do you think it would help Dad's preaching if I did that during the service? 😉

  3. As a long time pastor's wife, a good sense of humor is a definite necessity.