Sunday, April 9, 2017

My Kid Said What?

No matter how big or how small, kids have the most important things to say, don’t they?

Well, my daughter is no different. Her imagination and thought process with different things really amazes me. She loves to make us all laugh!

Here is a little insight from my 4 year old:

  • I’m the first one in the family, that means I’m the best kid ever. 
I agree that sometimes the first born child is the best. Look at my husband's family: he’s the oldest and he is the best. He’s the smartest, funniest, best looking ... too much? I would also have to disagree with my daughter's observation. For those of you who don’t know much about my family, I have an older sister. We both agree that I’m the best. (Love you, Kelli.)

  • (Making noises with her mouth) Hey, mom, I think my mouth is having a party!
Stella loves doing puzzles. They will keep her occupied for a very long time. However, when she does these puzzles she is usually making some type of noise. Most days I’m capable of “tuning out” the noise but this particular day it just wasn’t happening. I asked her to quiet down and she stopped what she was doing looked at me with a straight face and that was her reply.

  • When family gets dead, do we get a new baby? 
Following her line of thinking: if we want to have a new baby, someone in the family must die. Lately, she has been praying for a baby brother.

I wonder who I should buy life insurance for?

  • Momma, I bit my lip so I can’t talk for a little while.

  • Look, Mom, I’m a water bottle. 

  • We have to pass gas outside because it stinks when we do it inside.
Please teach that to your father.

  • I was trying to beat mom to her seat but she beat me.
That moment when your child physically hurts you ... I was holding my baby in my arms and I was about to sit down on the couch, when Stella came running in and leaned quickly over the arm of the couch. I’m sure you can picture what was about to happen; her forehead went right into the side of my head. It only hurt until it stopped.

  • I just turned on your lamp in your room so you wouldn’t be scared.
That’s code for, me and Talia are coming to sleep in your bed tonight.

  • You are the worst uncle, EVER!

    I know you’re probably thinking, “What a mean little girl to say something like that. “ Well, stay tuned because I think you will understand. Last week, Uncle Luke bought donut holes for his Sunday school class. Uncle Nick got the last two donut holes and was going to share them with my daughters. My girls were standing there, excitedly waiting for their donut. He made this whole production: he bent down, split it in half, held out a half for each of them, then ATE IT! Stella lost it!
I mean, can you blame her? You don’t tease a girl with a dessert, especially a chocolate donut!

Don’t feel too bad for them: they ended up getting a whole box of munchkins the next day. 

I’m never quite sure what she will come up with or what she will say next. What I do know is that she will always keep me guessing. Where does she come up with this stuff? Who has she been talking to? Where did she hear that from?

Kids are like mockingbirds. If you do it or say it, they will too.

How are your children making you laugh?


  1. I have so many comments. Where to start, I think the second born is the best and you can't argue with that considering you're the second born. Hey, sometimes your mouth just needs to have a party. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and Nick really is the worst uncle ever! A chocolate donut of all things is the worst thing to eat right in front of a girl!

  2. So cute!! Love reading your blogs!! Miss you all!

    1. Thanks, Mrs. Jill. We miss you too!

  3. Stella's mouth is always having a party. I love that little chatterbox! And NO ONE should take away a girl's chocolate donut!