Friday, April 7, 2017

Why So Serious???

  So it's Friday, and some of you may be going to the store this weekend to get those last few things to get you through the weekend. If you're like me, you get into that zone of your mental checklist and you don't realize the look that's on your face for all to see. I'm very guilty of this. Honestly, I don't really think I'd want to run into myself in the grocery store.

 I may look something like this...
   The "Please don't talk to me because I have to get my groceries and get home" face.

This is the "my two year old has thrown the same can of vegetables out of the cart three times and I just want to go home now" face.

     Lately, I've noticed how unapproachable I tend to be. I mean, would you want to start a conversation with either of those people? I certainly wouldn't.  You know who I would want to walk up and talk to? 

       This guy! There's a face that is approachable! Happy and doesn't care who sees. 

     When I was younger, I used to think that as a pastor's family we lived in a fishbowl, and we had to be those perfect little goldfish.  As the years have gone by, I've really gotten to think about that, and it's not just people in ministry who live in a fishbowl. As Christians, we live in a fishbowl that the world views every day. Unfortunately, I think most people are viewing this guy. 

You've got the joy of the Lord in your heart. Everyone that meets you should be viewing this face in your fishbowl.

So, when you go out this weekend, remember that people are watching you wherever you go. And you can't be a witness to them when they're seeing a grouchy puffer fish in your fishbowl. No matter how many times your two year old throws the veggies out of the cart, smile! You're being watched. 



  1. I was 5'3 and 105 pounds in high school. At my 10 year reunion a gal (much taller than me) was having a pleasant conversation with me when she confessed that she was scared of me in high school. I said "Me!? Why?" She told me that I "just looked tough". I thought about that for a while and figured that it must've been the face I was wearing. I suppose it was "unapproachable". All I was thinking was how to make it from my class on the third floor to my locker on the second floor and outside to the language hall in five minutes so I'm not marked tardy! I was on a mission and didn't think about how the others were perceiving my thoughtful state. Now, I'm on God's mission and I smile at everyone, especially those who don't smile back (and I may even talk to them!). I find myself smiling at the drivers of other vehicles (as if they are paying attention) but I feel compelled to love. Christ has made me approachable! Praise the Lord!!

  2. I feel like you were at the grocery store watching me and then wrote your blog. This was me yesterday!

  3. I'll talk to that little guy anytime! He's adorable!