Friday, June 16, 2017

A Dad and His Daughters

Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

In honor of Father’s Day I thought it would be fun to do a Q & A with my husband and our daughters.

Matt, if I was not at home and wouldn’t be home for another two hours, you have one child that threw up and the other went number two in her diaper, what would you do?
Matt: Call my mom and ask if she was busy at the moment.

Me: How old do your daughters need to be in order to date?
Matt: Mid-twenties to early forties.

Me: What type of guy will your daughters marry?
Matt: for Stella probably someone who can be henpecked, someone she can boss around. For Talia, a man’s man, an adventurer, someone who will climb a mountain because she’s climbing onto everything. For Olivia, i’m not sure yet.

Me: What are the girls’ favorite foods?
Matt: for Stella it’s chicken nuggets.(Close, it’s cereal and milk) 
For Talia, it’s Nutri-grain bars… she’s always climbing on the counter to get some out of the cabinet and for Olivia it’s Ramen. 

Me: What is something that Dad always tells you?
Stella: “obey now”
Talia: “get down” (because she’s trying to get the Nutri-grain bars)

Me: What are their favorite colors?
Matt: Stella’s is pink and so is Talia’s, although Stella says it’s purple because she doesn’t want to share a color with her sister.

Girls, what is Daddy’s favorite color? 
Both girls: Um, Blue!

Me: What is Dad’s favorite food?
Talia: Cheez-it

Me: What is dad’s favorite toy?
Stella: XBOX, is dad’s favorite but that’s my favorite toy too! (who said that?)
Me: What is daddy good at?
Stella: Juggling ( I didn’t even know he could do that)
Talia: He saves the day (We were visiting my parents once and her balloon blew into the neighbors tree and he rescued it.)

Me: Where does dad like to go?
Stella: The gym. He has big muscles. 
Talia: “The Hostibal” (That means hospital, and she thinks we like going there because we’ve had to take her so many times. )

Me: What is your favorite thing that you’ve done with daddy?
Stella: “when we goed to the movie and get candy at the store”
Talia: when we got marshmallows

On Father’s Day, take a minute and have your husbands do this with you children. I would love to see what they would say! Copy and Paste the Q & A in the comments with their answers!


  1. Considering he grew up with mostly brothers, he handles those girls well! Talia's answer of his favorite place is hilarious!

  2. I am sometimes amazed at how well he does with all the females at his house. Can't wait to see how he does when they become teenagers! 😂