Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Well, it's VBS week at our home church. Which can be exhausting in and of itself, but our church does it very uniquely. We also have our missions conference in the same week. We do VBS from 9 - noon, and then come back for the evening service at 7 every evening. So, I thought in honor of all of us here at my church, I would do a "this is VBS" post.

    It starts weeks before VBS even starts. First comes the announcement. The get excited and go sign up for a class announcement.
Then comes the recruiter because not enough people signed up to help. It's an unpleasant job, but someone has to be the bad guy.
Then comes the first day excitement. You wake up like this guy.

and then you go a little overboard because it's day 1 and you're excited! 

By around day three, the kids have pulled you in every direction, spit on you, hit you, and cried over not getting prizes. But all of that is ok, you're sill smiling and
you've still got a few days to go 

By the end of day three and day four, you're pretty much past the point of no return. The kids have had so much candy that they couldn't calm down even if they wanted to . 

Day five, you're back to this over enthusiastic guy, because hey, why not. It's the last day so finish strong!

On Friday evening this is you. Almost in unbelief that the kids are all going home. 

Followed by this guy on Saturday. 

  Well, that's our week. I'm loving every second of it so far, but I'm also really looking forward to passing out on Saturday. How does your church do vbs?


  1. We do it the same. And since y'all are coming to help, you get to do It all again!!!'

    1. Yay... By the time it actually rolls around and I've recovered from this one there will be and exclamation at the end of that "yay"

  2. Arrgghh, you at the "Yay!" with the exclamation yet?