Friday, June 9, 2017

Ready or Not Here I Come

Everyone loves a good game of Hide & Seek, right? WRONG! If you are playing hide and seek with your child then, yes, that can be loads of fun. However, when it’s your belongings that are hiding and you are trying to seek them… that’s a different story. Our daughter, Talia, is a mischievous little girl. At times she will be playing near something (like keys, phones, remotes, etc…) and she’ll decide to hide it. Thankfully, we have found everything she has hidden so far (I think), but this has to stop. I can remember a few instances very clearly, with the most recent being yesterday.

At first, it was our car keys. Luckily we have two sets. My husband usually has the bigger set because he has the car key, house key, and then of course all the keys he needs for working at the church. I have the smaller set with the car key and the house key. One time, Matt had driven to the church that morning but had walked home for lunch. He was getting ready to head back to work and asked for his keys. I told him they were on the table, but they weren’t. I looked on the dresser, maybe he had put them there instead. Nope. We began to look everywhere for those keys! He remembered earlier that morning he had given them to one of his brothers who then gave them to his mom. (We all serve at the church together). We called her just to be sure and she was positive she had given them back. I knew for a fact that I had seen them on the table… where Talia had been playing, so we asked her where they were. She said, “um… maybe at the church?” Ya, right. “Talia did you hide daddy’s keys?” Her response, “mmhmm”. We told her to find them and of course she was looking in the toy room and any where she could think of. I told my husband we needed to think like her or we won’t find them. I went back to all of the places she had been that morning which was pretty much everywhere. Sure enough, the last place I checked is where I found them.

Next, we came home from being gone after a long day and just wanted to relax and watch some TV. The remote was nowhere to be found. Again, we looked to Talia to help us find it. She was SUPER helpful (I’m being very sarcastic)… She looked under the couches and proceeded to tell us she didn’t know where it was and that she didn’t hide it. I took a few minutes to grab their pajamas and get their beds ready for bedtime. I pulled back her comforter and guess what I found: the remote. She hid it under her covers. Apparently she thought the remote needed a nap? When I asked her if she put it there she just smiled.

Yesterday was my husband’s day off. We were trying to get some things done at home, some inside, some outside. Well, in our house we have 2 back doors. When you come in the main back door, you can go down into the basement, or you can go up to the second door which leads to the house. [Back-Story: The knob on that door has became loose and we’ve had to tighten it a few times. It got to the point where we just started using one side of the door knob, the hand and the part that actually opens the door because it was just easier. Some of you are probably wondering why we don’t just replace the whole thing, right? If we had extra time and money we would do that… and my husband thinks that if we get robbed, the thief is going to have a really hard time getting in if there’s no door knob… (New blog post idea: How to theft-proof your house when you can’t afford to.)] Since this door knob is removable, the girls think its pretty cool and like to try and open and close the door on their own. Sometime yesterday, the door knob went missing… Talia did something with it. Usually, I can remember what she was doing when it went missing. Not this time. We had to use a screwdriver for half the day to open and close the door. Yesterday evening, our sweet little Talia found a neat new hiding spot: our hall closet!

Until next time…

Perhaps I should start hiding her things…Would that keep her from hiding ours?


  1. Haha! That's great! I think hiding her things though might escalate your game. "oh, mommy and daddy want to play too?". Things might start hiding better!

  2. Talia, it's a good thing you're so adorable! I'm afraid that in a hiding contest with Mom and Dad, you'd win, hands down!

  3. Im so glad it's your kid doing that and not mine! I'm sympathetic to the issues though and wish u the best of all seeking skills! Lol