Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Too Soon??

   You know those moments in life, where it’s always too soon to bring them back up? 

   Well, on my hubby’s side of the family we have quite a few of those. Where do I start? There was the time when My hubby and I got engaged. Both my hubby and his younger brother were preparing for marriage at the same time, and his brother’s fiancé and I had gotten very close. Every time I would come to town to visit my future in-laws, I would stay with her. When the time came for my hubby to propose, he told his brother not to tell her because she wouldn’t be able to keep the secret from me. That resulted in her not being able to get off work and be there with everyone else when he actually did propose. She really wasn’t thrilled, and to this day when the topic of our engagement comes up and we do the “remember when’s”, she gives us a look. Our response, “Too soon?”.

   Then there was the time, when I returned her the favor.  I was on my way to her wedding. I took the time off of work, got up at 5 a.m. so that I could get there in time to do some of the family festivities, and got on the road. Around 2 ½ hours into the trip the weather took a turn for the worse. Did I mention it was January and their wedding was in West Virginia? A brilliant time and location for me to take my first long road trip alone, right?!? So, 3 hours into the trip, I hit black ice. Enough said. My car spun out of control, I hit the median a couple of times, and then my car went into the ditch on the other side of the road. In that thirty seconds I just knew I was going to die. I know, I know, slightly dramatic, but I’m owning it, okay. Needless to say, I never made it to the wedding. Now when they do their wedding “remember when’s”, my brother in law looks at me and says “remember that, Steph? Oh wait, too soon?”. My other brother in law is getting married this weekend. I’m really hoping to make it to this one.

   There’s also the “too soon” that goes back to before hubby and I were even dating. He worked at Kohl’s and I went in there one day to say “hi”. He was working on cleaning up a display table and we just chatted for a while. After a while I looked over and there was one of those Hawaiian shirts hanging next to me.  You know the ones that make you think of a guy like this?
So, I picked it up and told him "these shirts are just so ugly!". He looked at me dead serious and said "my dad wears those every day". I thought it was a joke, so I laughed. He wasn't joking, but he was laughing. He continued laughing and called his dad right then and there in front of me and told him what I thought of his wardrobe. His dad had never even met me, the girl interested in his son, and here I was insulting his wardrobe. Five years later this is still a "too soon" for us. We don't really talk about it, I just tell him often how awesome I think his shirts are. I don't think he believes me, but we pretend. 

  This is just a few of our many "too soon's".  I'm sure that we all have some. What are yours?


  1. I have the same type of situations but with "it works sometimes". When my husband makes a joke and it's actually funny, I get to looks at him and say "it works sometimes, good job". He likes to reverse it on me too (cause I'm always sooooo funny ;-) ) that when I make a joke and it's not so funny, he looks at me and says "it doesn't always work honey, but nice try".
    Love your stories! Always a good time reading them!!

    1. Haha, husbands know just what to say sometimes, don't they?

  2. We have too many too soons to list. Plus, it's probably too soon to mention them. 😉 See what I did there?