Monday, July 10, 2017

What's in A Name?

Names are important, don'tcha think? I mean, I have six kids, and it would be awfully hard to distinguish between them if I always had to call "hey, you" when I wanted one.

People spend a lot of time thinking about names for their children. They name them after people they want to honor, or family names that they want to continue. they might research the meaning of the names or put together parts of other names to come up with a whole new one.

Companies do the same thing with their products. Advertising is a billion dollar industry, and items are named in order to make people think they can't do without them.

For instance, mascara. There is a brand of mascara's name called "Better than Sex". It's made by a company called Too Faced. It's supposed to be great mascara, but it's way out of my price range, so I bought the bargain brand that's supposed to be a cheaper version. It's called "Scandaleyes Retro Glam" by Rimmel.

I used to use a product line called Dream Curls for my hair. Not that I ever achieved dream curls, but I was just happy to avoid Nightmare Hair. However, Dream Curls was discontinued so I had to go hunting for a new line of products. The sales clerk at Ulta suggested a product from a line called "Not Your Mother's". I don't really care if my mother used the same product or not, I just wanted something that worked for my hair. So now I'm using Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves.


But I do have a point to all of this rather than just a commentary on inappropriately named health and beauty names. See, our Vacation Bible School is coming up next week. We have a main skit that continues each day through the week. I'm writing the skit and I need to come up with some names. The villain in the skit is Walker D. Plank. The hero is Long John Silver.

The villain has two henchmen (hench people, actually). Their names are Jack and Sparrow. I also have two main characters in the skit, a boy and a girl. I need names for them and I've got nothing.

So now at long last I'm arriving at the reason for this post. I need names. Good sailor names. I'm open to any suggestions. I've already rejected "Paulie and Sara Lee". (The people playing these characters are Paul and Sarah.) I've also rejected "Black and Pearl".

So help me out here. Leave some suggestions in the comments. Or comment on the link on Facebook. I've only got a week left and these characters need some names.


  1. Bonnie and Clyde?
    Tic and Tac?
    Smokie and bandit?
    Lenny and squiggy?
    Boris and Natasha?
    Ok, I'm out lol
    Good luck!


  2. Will and Liz
    Jack and Jill
    Alex and Ava

  3. Goldie and bear... Nevermind I just watch too many kid shows.😁

    Arrrchie and Amanda😊

  4. Bonny, she was a real pirate and Calico, he was a real pirate