Monday, March 19, 2018

Check Please!

I have an important question to ask you on this bright Monday morning.

Do you write checks?

It used to be that everyone wrote checks for everything. Who remembers standing behind someone in the checkout line while they slowly wrote out the check for their groceries? Now you just swipe your card through the scanner. And if you're the impatient sort like me you go through the self-checkout so that you don't have to wait for anyone.

Did you ever write out checks for your bills and then worry about putting the wrong check in the wrong envelope? 

Now I pay most of our bills online. I can set up bill pay through my bank's website, or I can go to the website of the electric company or cable company or auto loan and pay the bill directly. In fact, it annoys me when I come across a bank or company that doesn't have the option to pay them electronically through their website. I mean, if they don't have that kind of convenience, do I even want to do business with them?

Do you keep a check register?

Do you know what a check register is?

I don't keep a checkbook register anymore. I get text alerts from my bank anytime money goes out of our account, and I also get daily notifications of our balance. 

Actually, I do write one check every week for our tithe. But I don't really need to. Our church has text giving. Once it's set up, you can text the amount you want to give that week and hit send. Or you can download the app and give that way.

It's all so effortless and easy now. The way technology is going, it won't be long before I can spend money just by thinking about it.

So what about you? Are you into the latest convenience when it comes to banking and handling money? Do you pay online, but keep a register anyway just to make sure of yourself? Or do you routinely write out the monthly checks and mail them in just as you've always done?


  1. I do most everything on-line. I write a check to church (electronic tithing is coming) & I write a check to the township, since they charge me more to use a card. I do know what a check register is, but do not use one.

  2. I do a little bit of everything. Some things are automatically paid each month, some I go in and pay electronically, and then I still write checks for tithe, faith promise/other giving, paying our nanny, and usually paying for any CDs or books from visiting preachers, evangelists, or singing groups. I haven’t kept a check register in a very long time since it’s just easier to check the balance online and use my duplicated check to subtract any checks that haven’t been accounted for to know where we are. How much things have changed!!

  3. I never write checks or keep a register. I pay all my bills with my card and i use cash for everything else!

  4. I write a utilities check to our landlord every month, but otherwise we pay all bills online

  5. Rick pays the bills, some online, some he writes out checks.

  6. I do all my banking online. rarely do I need to use checks, and that's only because my school doesn't have anything for electronic payments. I can't even use a card. I like the convenience of online banking.

  7. Do everything with a debit card, but it is a bit of an inconvenience not having cash on hand sometimes

  8. Very seldom do I write checks....and when I do I write them wrong 😂

  9. I rarely write checks for anything except our tithes :)

  10. I do keep a register...and yes I'm one of the crazy ones, that balances it weekly to the penny! That's one if my personal OCD's.... Lol